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When space is crucial, the Pushback Rack is the best choice.

Save money storing more product in less space.

A pushback rack system fills the storage cube with product, not aisles. Instead of single pallet-deep selective racks.

A pushback rack system lets you store pallets 2 to 5 deep while retaining easy access to a variety of different SKUs.

Pushback rack concept pallets are placed by forklift on nested carts riding on inclined rails.

•Better use of warehouse space - up to 90% more product storage than selective rack systems
•Store a variety of SKUs on different levels of lanes for easy product access
•Interlocking carts help prevent dangerous jamming and costly product damage
•Increased selectivity - up to 400% more selectivity than drive-in racks
•High storage density coupled with selectivity for faster pick rates
•Color coded carts for easy visual inventory
•Standard carts offer a large target for loading and unloading
 - custom cart designs are available for weak pallet supports, non-standard pallets or other special pallets and containers.
•LIFO inventory control

Unlike a pushback rack system assembled from one manufacturer's components and installed on another's rack,
we manufactures complete pushback rack and industrial storage systems for single source responsibility.
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