Who we are :
Ace storage equipment is one of leading and professional racking system manufacturer in china who adheres to the stringent requirement of SEMA all the time. At present, we are manufacturing versatile range of racking products, our products are manufactured based on standard of AS4084-2012,FEM & RMI. We already exported our products Australia,USA,Europe,middle east and eastsouth of Asia.
Well-known racking stardard :
All our products are designed and manufactured completely complying with Europe FEM,USA RMI, Canadian CSA and Australia AS4084-2012.
What we are good at:
1.Many years’ experience for exporting to Europe, Australia, USA, and Middle east etc.
2.Supplying the racking 100% compatible to major brand in your local market.
3.Designed and produced based on world safety standard for storage racking.
4.Providing one-stop supplying for material handling and storage equipments.
5.Affordable price, Excellent performance and Professional salesman.
6.Thoughtful exporting package avoiding abrasion during transportation and easy to unload out of container.
What we make mainly