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VNA pallet racking


Very Narrow Aisle racking is similar to Selective racking and are commonly referred to as VNA.

It is an effective method of increasing pallet storage within a given area with the advantages of selective racking.

Aisle space can be reduce up to 50% compared to traditional forklifts.

This type of racking is operated with special forklift and are guided by wire or rails through the aisle allowing faster and easier operation.

This system provides 100 % product selectivity.      

It provides full access to all pallets with stock rotation on "first in first out" 
principle with greater storage capacity in total pallets stored for a given floor area than Selective Racking.

Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking requires special materials handling equipment operating in aisles with guide rails

1. 100% accesibility to individual pallets
2. configuration for maximum storage, density and efficiency
3. specialist narrow aisle fork lift trucks are required to work in the reduced aisle
4. better space utilization

5. good occupancy rates