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Selective pallet racking



Selective pallet  racking is the best solution for warehouses

when it is necessary to keep a wide variety of articles in pallets.

It provides all pallets for 100% accessibility and good stock rotation.

It also provides easy beam adjustments and accommodates variable pallet heights.

Standard Beam Sizes:

Beam LengthBeam SectionCapacity
(per pair)
1372mm80mm Box3000 Kg
1524mm80mm Box2600 Kg
2591mm80mm Box1200 Kg
2591mm100mm Box2200 Kg
2591mm120mm Box3100 Kg
2743mm80mm Box1073 Kg
2743mm100mm Box2020 Kg
2743mm120mm Box3000 Kg
3353mm120mm Box2300 Kg
3810mm130mm Box2000 Kg










Above capacity are based on Uniformly distributed load per pair of beams.
All beams are finished in orange powder coating.
Other beam sizes are available upon request.     

Standard Frame Sizes:

914mm (Bench unit)457mm, 610mm, 838mm & 1219mm
1219mm (Bench unit)457mm, 610mm, 838mm & 1219mm
1829mm457mm, 610mm, 838mm & 1219mm
2438mm457mm, 610mm, 838mm & 1219mm
3048mm457mm, 610mm, 838mm & 1219mm
3658mm457mm, 610mm, 838mm & 1219mm
4267mm610mm, 838mm & 1219mm
4877mm610mm, 838mm & 1219mm
5486mm610mm, 838mm & 1219mm
6096mm610mm, 838mm & 1219mm










Customized sizes are available upon request.