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Multi tier supporting mezzanine

Multi-Tier Shelving System is the optimum storage solution to make the most efficient use of available space and maximise the full potential of your storage area. 

The system can be configured to accommodate a wide range of product types, utilising the full height of the storage facility. 

Multi-tier racking systems can expand your storage possibilities, with additional benefits and advantages over conventional shelving systems.

It is ideal for situations where floor space is at a premium or there is good building height available.

Mezzanine ( Multi-layer Racking,Steel Mezzanine Rack) is designed and produced according to the customer's requirements.  

The system includes stairways, handrails and safety gates, all of which combine to provide a safe, secure and attractive mezzanine floor. 

it can be composed by Pallet Racking or Shelving systems